Greetings from the President

Let me begin by expressing my deep appreciation for the continued support and exceptional kindness we have received, thanks to which HAMA Corporation has reached the 60th anniversary of its founding in April 2017. Throughout these 60 years, though we faced adverse market conditions, we have been able to continue operating with relative stability. I offer my earnest and heartfelt thanks to everyone including those whom we have worked with for their warm support. Our company will continue to push forward as a united body for the next half-century as well. Treasuring the harmony between our contributions to society, the permanence of our corporation, and the happiness of our employees, HAMA Corporation will proceed to lay a framework which allows us to proactively foster excellent human resources, develop new products, and invest in start-up businesses. In addition, we will make every possible effort to streamline and rationalize our operations, improve the efficiency of our assets management, and strengthen our financial standing. We will continue to thoroughly enforce the basics of the industry and honest business operations within our company. Additionally we will face this critical juncture marked by our 60th anniversary as a new starting point with our company management and employees diligently endeavouring to expand the value of our company. I hope that we continue to receive your support and patronage in the future as well.

President Kyoko Ozaki

Our Offices


Outline of Company

Trade Name Hama Corporation
Date of Establishment April 1, 1957
Fiscal Period December
Capital 40 million yen
Employee 50
Representative President : Kyoko Ozaki
History 1957 The Company was started by Chairman Junichi Hamaguchi at Shimomaruko, Ohta-ku, Tokyo.
1960 Changed to Hamaguchi Seisakusho Co., Ltd..
1961 Changed to Hamaguchi Seisakusho Company.
1981 Started manufacturing sales of microphone.
1983 Changed to Hama Corporation.
1985 Operation began at the Ayase factory.
1987 Started development and manufacturing sales of Gate Cut Robot.
1991 Started development and manufacturing sales of Casing Robot.
1991 Operation began at the Kagoshima factory.
1992 Started development and manufacturing sales of plastic lens, Gate Cut Stocker.
1994 Started development and manufacturing sales of Traverse.
2005 Operation began at the second Kagoshima factory.
2014 (Heisei 26) Launched high-precision lens unit assembly equipment for smartphones
2022 (Reiwa 4) Introduced four units of the latest machining equipment.
Address Headquarters 4-4-19, Shimomaruko, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 146-0092
Main Tel No. 03-3759-8378
Accounting Dept. Tel No. 03-3759-8702
Kagoshima Factory 8303 Tomari, Bohnotsu-Cho, Minami-Satsuma-Shi, Kagoshima 898-0102
Tel No. 0993-67-0144
Affiliate Osaka Office Hama Machinery Co., Ltd.
3-15-22-1409, Imafuku Higashi, Jyoutou-Ku, Osaka 536-0002
TEL No. 06-6934-6602
Nagoya Office Hama Service Ltd.
Rm 203, 4-211, Takahari, Meitou-Ku, Nagoya 465-0061
Tel No. 052-703-3761