Lens Unit Assembly Equipment V700 Lens Unit Assembly Equipment V700

1.Machinery Overview

This equipment is a fully-automatic machine designed to take pre-aligned camera lens module parts from ordered trays, use imaging to seek the direction of the gate, screen and detect each part's position with high precision and assemble them all. It is capable of handling 16M class assembly with high precision.
The UV bonding material utilized in the bonding process hardens within 3 seconds with the use of LED irradiatiors. Due to work configuration and the type of adhesive used, other types are not applicable to this process.

2.Equipment Abilities

Handles 11 standard parts, and 5 lenses (including barrel)
Includes options; handles up to 13 parts and 6 lenses (including barrel)

3.Major Characteristics

  1. High-precision and high-grade equipment for high resolution (16M class) results
  2. After each lens has been inserted, the press-in (acclimating) operation greatly decreases production failures by making inserted lenses parallel.
  3. High-cycle Specifications Lowest machine cycle 3 seconds/piece
  4. The imaging system stabilizes the D-cut screening and detection process, and improves the precision of position correction
  5. This fully-automatic machine only requires that work be supplied. Operators can be decreased.
  6. Changing product types has been simplified. Necessary time has been reduced 50% from existing technology (by HAMA standards).
  7. If utilized parts increase in the future, stages can be added to handle them

4.Machine Precision

Lowest teaching input increment 1um
Working θ Axis 0.01°
* Lowest possible increment setting
Axis Precision Main Axis1um
YZ Axis(Part transportation assembly axis) 1um
* Axis-adherence precision set at the time of teaching
Repetition Precision Main Axis±0.001mm
YZ Axis±0.001mm
* The repeat accuracy within a certain scope and at a certain speed when operated repeatedly